About us

Founded on August 28, 2006, Metaglobal, aims to support the industry in terms of its technical, commercial and logistical needs by creating a “bridge” between Customer and Supplier, in order to strengthen and facilitate their relationships.

The absolutely sustained growth in its staff, facilities, representations and sales, results from the strong link established between META, its Customers and Suppliers that it has maintained and will surely maintain over the years.

Presently with offices in Lisboa and Leiria (Portugal), we wish to continue growing by developing our activities in the international markets. Apart from Portugal, META exports and manages projects in countries such as Spain, Angola, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.


Ricardo Moreira
MD and Commercial Director

Joaquim Ferreira
MD and Financial Director

João António
Sales Manager

Maria João
Finance and Administration Assistance

Helena Bastos
Commercial Assistance