Trough a range of well-known suppliers orientated for the bottles and table ware production, we look for the best possible technical and commercial solutions for our customers.
In spite of very focus on the Iberian Peninsula, META already exports and as commercial contacts in countries such as Angola, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Ireland.



Acting in Portugal, META in its support to the Ceramic Industry (mainly Construction) develops and presents to its Customers different technical solutions with some of the most important and reliable partners.



Being such an important sector in Portugal, it is our goal being able of supporting our Customers with well-known Suppliers capable of complete solutions for the sector.

Also in this case, META as an important network of well-known names insuring a full quality supply of equipments, products and solutions respecting the most important Customers needs and requirements.



With a clear awareness and growing concern in environment and energy, META has been deeply involved in the construction of Seixal’s (Portugal) organic recovery center (CVO), namely with Amarsul, having our client Soares da Costa SA and a company of its group, CLEAR SA, companies responsible for development and construction of the new production unit of Bio-Gas and Organic Compost.

The great involvement with this project, practically since the launch of the first “stone”, through the project management of the partners VAR NL and VERITEC AG, allowed us to know the technology involved.

Concerned and interested in this and other projects that will surely be carried out, META in search of the best technological solutions to and from the market, decided to invest heavily in this area, not only strengthening their team, but also looking for companies that together can present a complete solution, nationally and internationally, from a technical point of view to their customers in Portugal, Spain and Portuguese speaking countries.

Through an important group of suppliers and different solutions, META is able to support its clients in the management of this type of projects, either in recycling (different solutions) or in the production of alternative fuels through the best use of existing means.